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7 Tips using a beard trimmer will help improve your look

A beard trimmer for long beards could be pulling the hairs if it’s blunt. Beard hair is tough and blunts down the blades quickly.

The reality is that if you wear a beard or goatee, your face isn’t used to a de razor anymore. Happens to me whenever I shave my goatee, especially in the mustache area. After a few days of de shaving it toughens up and I don’t get irritated anymore until I grow it back and shave again.

Over the past two to three weeks I have experienced quite a bit of razor burn/bumps/irritation from shaving, particularly on my lower neck and under my mouth. Now I think my skin is fairly sensitive, but this is more irritation than I usually get. I’m particularly worried because, despite various ways to reduce the irritation, nothing is really working to reduce the redness and bumps.

I suppose it’s even more distressing because I turned to wet shaving to avoid having these problems, which I experienced from shaving with a cartridge razor – to the point where I didn’t shave with an electric razor for nearly 5 years (I used a trimmer) just so I could steer clear of the mess on my face. I actually enjoy the routine of wet shaving.

I’m a 40-year-old male and was too lazy to shave on my own and visited a salon every time I needed a shave. The wet shave is a recent fancy. I’m trying to incorporate this at least as a once a week ritual. It takes quite a bit of time, but I find the ritual soothing.

My routine is as follows:

  1. Exfoliate using a scrub and warm water before the shave. I use a scrubby from the Bombay Shaving Company.
  2. I use an aloe Vera foam at present. This will change to the brush and cream again from the Bombay Shaving Company once the foam is finished.
  3. I currently use a Gillette Mach 3 but will switch to the engraved Safety Razor again from the Bombay Shaving Company.
  4. Complete the regimen with a cold water wash and apply soothing aftershave balm again by the Bombay Shaving Company.
  5. Apply lotion from another brand to soften the skin and remove dry patches. (I have dry skin)
  6. Allow the lotion to settle and the skin to soak it and apply aftershave spray by Forrest Essentials.
  7. Remove or trim any excess sideburns etc using a Phillips trimmer.
    I’d love to hear feedback on the regimen from experts in the group. I’m also rather afraid of using the safety razor and blades since I fear I’ll cut myself.

Any tips for men are welcome.

Braun Series 790cc – Great shaver for sensitive skin

I have been shaving for 5 years and I’ve usually liked foil electric shavers because they shave closer than rotary shavers but with my skin, they always burned.

Last month, I went back to use a rotary (again) but was never impressed with the lack of a close shave. I like to shave dry with a pre-shave liquid. I discovered the new Braun Series 7 790cc that was advertised to be good for sensitive skin.

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