Gillette Styler 3 in 1 Trimmer Reviews

Thought you guys would want to see my review on the Gillette 3-in-1 Trimmer and ProFusion cart.

So, I got some Gillette Pro Fusion sensitive shave gel, and this kit which includes three guards, a trimmer, and a ProFusion cart. I wanted it for the trimmer quite honestly, but I figured I should at least try the ProFusion ONCE. First off, my words on the trimmer.

This thing is awesome. It feels sturdy, looks cool, and is waterproof. Plus I think it runs off one AA or AAA battery (not sure). Honestly, for a $20 tool, it’s a very sturdy feeling and of good quality. I could see it selling for double and I’d still feel that way. The stand it comes with is just your average plastic, but it’s awesome.

I know it’s so meaningless to some, but this thing has slots that PERFECTLY fit the blade guards. Not just little holes to “keep” them in there, but slots where they are snug enough so they feel secure. And on the top is a place to put your cartridge and that’s an awesome part, too.

How do I shave to look stubble?

Gillette/Braun/whoever got it right with that and for me, it makes the experience better considering I can think of a few times I’ve bought things and I was like…uh, so where do I put this now that I’m not using it?

So, pretty much, it works as a trimmer should and it’s quality (to me anyway). But, on to the other part…the ProFusion cart.

The beard trimmer acts as one of those vibrating handles, and I have no idea if that does anything at all, but it does that. It clicks on like all of the other attachments. You hold this sliding piece up and attach it over the head, then let go and it stays connected.

I did one side of my neck with the ProFusion and the other side with a Blue Tip with a Wilkinson Sword blade from Walmart. I used their sensitive ProFusion shave gel since I thought they should get a fair chance with everything. Won’t lie, the stuff is slick and I see no reason not to use it. The ProFusion worked well, worked faster, and no tugging.

The Blue Tip took more touch, was slower, and there was some tug if I wasn’t super careful. But at the end of it all…I feel they did about the same. I think the ProFusion side may have a LITTLE redness, but I have issues with that side no matter what, so I won’t call it bad because of it.

They got a good product, but I’ll stick to being slow for the purpose of saving a lot of money. But, I won’t throw the cartridge out, I’ll definitely use it every now and again. I’d recommend this product…if you don’t want to use the ProFusion cart, just put your blades in the slot that goes in! Hope this helps anyone who has been on the fence.

I add too, I tried to do equal passes and everything…just one pass and a little touch-up. I don’t feel much of a difference.

Now all you have to do is trim your stubble for each week to maintain that tight. So everyone wants to know if this is a good beard trimmer for stubble. Gillette Styler 3 in 1 exactly is one of most trimmers for stubble to trim evenly.

How best to use a beard trimmer? Here are a few tips for trimming your beard daily.

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